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8                                                    THE J^THABAS.

Sanskrit scholar,* and a J&t by caste, who resided at Beswa on the Aligarh
border.   It is a catena of aE the ancient texts mentioning the obscure tribe of
the Jatharas, with whom the writer wishes to identify the modern Jats and so
bring them into the ranks of the Kshatriyas,   The origin of the Jatharas is
related in very similar terms by all the authorities ; we select the passage from
the Padma Pai&na as "being the shortest,   It runs as follows i " Of old,
when the world had been bereft, by the son of Bhrigu, of all the Kshatriya- race,
theis daughters^ seeing the land thus solitary and being desirous of conceiv-
ing sons, laid hold of the Brahmans, and carefully cherishing the seed sown in
their womb (jatkara) brought forth Kshatriya sons called Jatharas." f   Now,
there is HO great intrinsic improbability in the hypothesis that the word Jathara
has been shortened into Jat j but if the one race is really descended from the
other, it is exceedingly strange that the fact should never have been so stated be-
fore*   This difficulty might be met by replying that the Jats have always been,
with very few exceptions, an illiterate class, who were not likely to trouble them-
selves about mythological pedigrees ; while the story of their parentage would
not be of sufficient interest to induce outsiders to investigate it.   But a more
unanswerable objection is found in a passage which the Sastri himself quotes
from the Brihat Sanhita (XIV., 8).   This| places the home of the Jatharas
in the south-eastern quarter, whereas it is certain that the Jats have come from
the west   Probably the leaders of Jat society would refuse to accept as their
progenitors either the JatJiaras of the Beswa Pandit or the Sindhian Zaths of
General Cunningham ; for the Bharat-pur princes affect to consider themselves
as tibe same race with the Jadavas, and the Court bards in their panegyrics
are always careful to style them Jadu-vansi

However, all these speculations and assumptions have little basis beyond a
mere similarity of name, which is often a very delusive test ; and it is certain

* He is the am&or of & Hindi commentary on the "White Yajnr Veda.

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